Incorporated October 26, 1939



Our mission is "To provide safe and reliable water and wastewater services in an efficient, cost effective

and environmentally friendly manner resulting in a high level of satisfaction among our customers."




Manheim Area Water & Sewer Authority (MAWSA) is a small water and wastewater Authority supplying approximately 3,000 water and 2,300 wastewater customers in the Manheim area. The area of service is the Borough of Manheim and portions of Penn and Rapho Townships, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. MAWSA receives and treats an average of  83,000 gallons of hauled waste and septage from various haulers and sites.

MAWSA's current customer water demand is roughly 450,000 gallons of water per day (GPD) with a permitted capacity of 1,050,000 GPD and SRBC draw capacity of 936,000 GPD.

The wastewater plant permit capacity is 2,300,000 GPD hydraulic and organic capacity, with average flows of 800,000 GPD from residential, commercial, and industrial customers. 


  • NOW HIRING: MAWSA is seeking an Assistant Manager to join and become an integral part of our team. Click here for details.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS: We are committed to maintaining infrastructure! 
    • Maintanance work on  the water tower is near completion, and will to preserve it for years to come
    • Hydrant Flushing will take place on May 23 & 24
      • You may experience low pressure and discolored water
      • Water will remain safe to drink
      • It is not recommended that you laundry during flushing, but if you have to, do NOT use chlorine bleach
      • PDF of phone message
    • Please use the main line for after hours emergencies.
    • The prompts will guide you to the answering service.
    • If you have had a prolonged issued lasting several weeks, please do not wait until after hours to contact our offices. This is reserved for emergencies.
  • APPOINTMENTS: Your safety is of our utmost concern!
    • If you receive a call from our staff, CONFIRM what it is for.
    • Our employees carry proper identification, wear uniforms, and correspondingly labeled vehicles.
    • Do not fall for scams. We will ALWAYS try to call you, or send a written request, prior to coming to your home.
    • Check our employee page for names so that you can identify the badge being presented to you. 
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