Incorporated October 26, 1939



Our mission is "To provide safe and reliable water and wastewater services in an efficient, cost effective

and environmentally friendly manner resulting in a high level of satisfaction among our customers."


Board of Directors, Staff, and Committees

 Authority Board


Members of the Board - 5 Year Term

Chair: Mr. Robert Miller, CEM - Manheim Borough Representative - 12/31/2020

Vice Chair: Mr. Paul Shaffer- Manheim Borough Representative - 12/31/2022

Treasurer: Mrs. Barbara Horst - Penn Township Representative - 12/31/2022

Secretary: Mr. Charles Heisey - Manheim Representative - 12/31/2021

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: John Haldeman - Rapho Township Representative - 12/31/2020

Andrew Nelson - Manheim Borough Representative - 12/31/2021

Bernard Reiley, Manheim Borough Representative - 12/31/2022




Manager: Mr. Terry Shaffer

Administrative Assistant: Amy Bell

Billing Administrator: Candace Hoover

Financial Comptroller: Deb Tobias


Operations Manager: David Schreffler

Assistant Water/Wastewater Operator: Robert Eichelberger

Laboratory Technician: Now Hiring

Lead Collection & Distribution Technician: Paul Bell

Lead Wastewater Operator: Sasha McComsey

Maintenance Technician: Scott Mackison

Operator - Water: Mark Tyson

Water & Wastewater Laborer: Larry Minnich

Water & Wastewater Technician: Keary Smith



The Professional Services Staff consists of persons who are contracted to provide a particular professional service to the Authority. They include the Authority Solicitor, Authority Engineer & Authority Auditor.

Authority Solicitor:  Mr. Daniel Desmond Esquire - Barley Snyder LLC


Authority Engineer: Mr. Daniel R. Connolly, PE, and Mr. Carl D. Kline, Jr., LO - SSM  Group


Authority Auditor: Mr. Mike Reiner, CPA - Sager, Swisher & Company LLC


Authority Clean Water and Environmental Solicitor and Consultant:

Mr. Gary B. Cohen Esquire - Hall & Associates

Mr. William T. Hall PE. - Hall & Associates




Authority Committees



Barbara Horst, Committee Chair

John Haldeman

Paul Shaffer 



Charlie Heisey

Robert Miller


Robert Miller, Committee Chair


Andrew Nelson

Strategic Planning

Andrew Nelson, Committee Chiar

Charlie Heisey

Paul Shaffer

Source Water Protection

Carl D. Kline, Jr., LO - SSM Group