Incorporated October 26, 1939



Our mission is "To provide safe and reliable water and wastewater services in an efficient, cost effective

and environmentally friendly manner resulting in a high level of satisfaction among our customers."


Payments & Rates

Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 12:30 PM to 4:00PM.

At this time all cash payments are being accepted at the Ephrata National Bank, Manheim Branch at 1 North Penryn Road. Drive through access is available.

Check and money order payments may be dropped at the MAWSA office in either porch payment slot, or at the Ephrata National Bank Manheim Branch.

The Authority accepts the following payments over the phone; check, bank draft, and Credit Card. Our processing company collects $4.95 per credit card payment only. All other accepted forms of payment are at no additional charge. 


We love to give you options! Have an ERP system such as Quickbooks or PeachTree?  We can upload your billing statement direclty into your ERP system.


There is an online bill pay website that appears to be affiliated with MAWSA that it is not. is a third-party website that allows people to pay their bills via their site; however, may charge you extra fees, and MAWSA cannot control when we will receive the payments from, possibly resulting in late payments and associated, as well as disruption of service. To make sure you are paying MAWSA directly, visit use our "Bill Pay" link to the right or go to our payments page to do the same. The web portal for payments is also printed on your monthly statement.

If you receive suspicious phone calls, mail, or emails, from someone claiming to be a representative of MAWSA, requesting payment, please call us at the phone number printed on your monthly statement and ask for one of our office staff members (found on our staff page).



Most Common Household Rate


Fixed Base Fee for 5/8” line size (1 EDU included with line size)                    $11.60

Water Usage Fee Per Gallon                                                                           $0.00535


Fixed Base fee for first 2,000 gallons (any line size,1 EDU)                             $49.67

Sewer Usage Fee Per Gallon (OVER 2,000 gallons)                                       $0.01362

Rates were lowered $3/month in November of 2016 with the discontinuation of the transmitter fee, and have remained the same since. 

Commercial and industrial users are subject to an audit of EDUs. Each EDU is 238 gallons per day. Any commercial, or industrial, account that will be exceeding their allotment are to apply for an additional EDU. To assure compliance, regular audits will occur. Accounts exceeding their allotments will need to permit for the additional EDU(s). Additional tapping fees will apply.

Billing Schedule

Meter Readings:    20th of each month (ie. bill for March 20 to April 20 "April Statement")

Bills Issued:           1st of each month (ie. April statement released 5/1)

Due Date:              Due upon issue (ie. April statement due 5/1)

Penalty:                 Late after 17th; late the business day after the 17th (Mon-Fri; or the closest Monday)

First Notice:          1st notice issued 1st Class USPS (April Statement late notice on 5/24; no fee currently assessed) 

First Notice:          1st notice re-issued Certified (fee assessed)

Second Notice:      2nd notice 1st Class USPS (no fee currently assessed)

Second Notice       2nd notice re-issued Certified (fee assessed)

Final Notice:          Final late notice (10-day door hanger at service location; fee assessed)

3-Day Phone:        Call provided to phone number on file ahead of discontinuance (no fee currently assessed)

48-hour Notice:     48-hour door hanger provided between 12/1 and 3/31 (no fee currently assessed)

Discontinuance:     Service discontinuance (service discontinued; fee assessed)

Municipal Lien:     Municipal lien warning notice as of discontinuance date (fees assessed)

Municipal Lien:     Municipal lien filing (fees assessed)

Once services have been discontinued the account must be $0.00 before scheduling of reinstatement will occur. Reinstatement will take place 3-7 days and no reinstatement will occur after 3PM on any business day. MAWSA requires an adult representative on premise at the time of reinstatement and reserves the right to require inspection and/or a new application for service prior to restoration of services.

Tenants have rights under the Tenant Utility Service Rights Act.

A copy of the Utility Service Tenants Rights Act may be viewed here.

MAWSA reserves the right to pursue recourse as provided by law in all instances and to amend this schedule at any time.


2020 Water Budget

2020 Wastewater Budget

2020 Water Capital Budget

2020 Wastewater Capital Budget

2019 Water Budget                      

2019 Wastewater Budget      

2019 Water Capital Budget         2019 Wastewater Capital Budget

2018 Water Budget                      2018 Wastewater Budget                    Final Audit 2014

2018 Water Capital Budget         2018 Wastewater Capital Budget        Final Audit 2015

2017 Water Budget                      2017 Wastewater Budget                    Final Audit 2016

2016 Budget                                                                                             Final Audit 2017

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