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Water Leak Detection

Leak Detection

If you ever notice a spike in your water bill, you may have a leak somewhere on your property. It's a good idea to check for leaks on a regular basis in order to save money and prevent reoccurring high water bills. Ways in which you can help detect a leak are provided below.


Check Water Meter

First, make sure that no water is running inside or outside of the home and all home appliances that use water are turned off. Locate your water meter in order to observe movement of water. If you have a black box blinking at the end of the digital numbers on the meter screen, this indicates water is passing through the meter. Take a reading of your meter, wait 15 minutes, then take a second reading. If the reading has not changed, this indicates no leaks. If the reading has changed and water has not been used, there may be water leak at your location. Please contact Authority to see if the leak is on your side.



Check Toilets

A small toilet leak can cause many gallons of water to be wasted every day. A toilet leaks when water goes from the tank into the bowl of the toilet. To determine if you have a toilet leak, lift off the toilet tank lid, place five to 10 drops of food coloring or a dye tablet in the toilet tank and wait approximately 30 minutes. If the colored water appears in the bowl, you have a leak. You may have a toilet leak if you are able to hear running water as well.




Check Faucets

Check for any leaking faucets inside and outside of the home. A faucet that has a slow drip can waste up to one gallon of water per day, which can yield up to 365 gallons of water per year.



If a leak is found at your residence and the leak is fixed, call the Authority Office   at (717)-665-2737 to see if you qualify for any adjustments can be made to your bill.